• Image of Strange Umbrellas #23 - 1st March - Iklectic - London

Strange Umbrellas are unique events of experimental music, free improvisation, film and art in London and elsewhere.
Founded in 2013 by artist & curator Blanca Regina, free improvisor & composer Steve Beresford, later joined by experimental musician & musicologist Jack Goldstein and film curator & visual artist Pierre Bouvier Patron.

This Strange Umbrellas will the 23rd!
It will feature:
Music :
David Toop + Allan Courtis + Blanca Regina ( trio)
Steven Ball (solo )
John White & Dr. Greta Kalteisen ( duo)
Steve Beresford ( solo)

‘Answer Print’ - Monica Saviron

Film performance:
Pierre Bouvier Patron (film) + Jack Goldstein (live music )