What Blue, Blanca Regina and Steve Beresford - Audio CD

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What Blue, Blanca Regina and Steve Beresford - Audio CD

What Blue,
Blanca Regina and Steve Beresford
Music CD

01 What Blue
02 Celluloid
03 Sirens
04 Restless
05 Wilton Waves
06 Luna
07 Exit

Total Time
41:40 min

In 2018, Blanca Regina released her first solo album, a series duets with a wide range of talented musicians and co-produced with Steve Beresford. Elrington, track 4 on the record, features a duo of Beresford and Regina.
These artists already share a history of 8 years playing together and organising events through Unpredictable Series. So it was only natural that they decided to make a full record together. With Blanca Regina having been awarded the Francis Chagrin Award by Sound and Music, they went back to Wilton Way Studio in the heart of Hackney, London at the end of 2019. In one day they recorded ‘What Blue’, a spontaneous music work recorded by Syd Kemp and later mixed and mastered by Dave Hunt. The album has 7 tracks. The variety of sounds and noise in the record was made possible by the wide range of instruments and keyboards at the studio.

Blanca plays voice, computer, fields recordings, hang drum, vibraphone, toys, balloons and other objects.
Steve plays piano, electronics Hohner Clavinet D6, Wurlitzer electric piano, CDX Astrosound 0632, Hammond B3, etc.

Recorded by Syd Kemp at Wilton Way Studios, Hackney 2019
Mix & Mastering Dave Hunt
Design by Blanca Regina & Tomi Osuna
Published by Unpredictable Series 2020

released March, 2020