Void Transactions - Alterations - Audio CD

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Void Transactions - Alterations - Audio CD

Void Transactions is the most recent album of Alterations, released in 2017.
Recorded at Cafe Oto, London, during the performances at Alterations Festival, June 2016.

Peter Cusack: acoustic guitar, field recordings.
Steve Beresford: piano, electronics, objects
Terry Day: drums, percussion, objects, balloons
David Toop: electric guitars, bass, flutes, objects

'Saturday Night' 23:46 min.
'Sunday Night' 25:48 min.
'Sunday encore' 07:10 min.

Recorded by Syd Kemp.
Mixed and mastered by Dave Hunt.
Design based on photographs by David Toop. Adaptation and design by Tomi Osuna and Blanca Regina.
Produced by Steve Beresford and Blanca Regina (Unpredictable Series) for Alterations Festival. Supported by Arts Council England.