Duets with Blanca Regina. Spontaneous Music - Audio CD

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Duets with Blanca Regina. Spontaneous Music - Audio CD

Duets with Blanca Regina. Spontaneous Music CD
Includes a download link with three extra tracks not on the CD.

1 - Lavender – Duet with John Butcher - 7m 56s - Saxophone, *
2 - Nayim- Duet with Leafcutter John - 16m 09s - Electronics and keyboards.*
3 - Forest – Duet with Hyelim Kim - 6m 20s - Taegum,*
4 - Elrington - Duet with Steve Beresford - 4m 07s - Piano and electronics,*
5 - Wilton - Duet with Matthias Kispert - 7m 15s - Electronics.*
6 - Pitwell - Duet with Sharon Gal - 5m 27s - Voice, objects & electronics,*
7 - Navarino - Duet with Aneek Thapar - 8m 20s - Guitar, piano, fan & electronics.*
8 – Penpoll - Duet with Jack Goldstein - 5m 28s - Piano,*
9 – Bohemia - Duet with Benedict Taylor - 5m 10s - Viola,*

'Duets with Blanca Regina/ Spontaneous Music’ was recorded on Saturday, August 11 in a studio in Hackney, East London, by sound recordist and musician Syd Kemp.

Drawing on the strong tradition of free improvisation (or spontaneous music) for which London is renowned throughout the world, Blanca Regina recorded short duets with each of nine musicians.

The players she chose are skilled and experienced, but with very different approaches. Her presence on each track gives the resulting recording a unity, and everything was recorded in one day. The musicians were Leafcutter John, Jack Goldstein, John Butcher, Benedict Taylor, Matthias Kispert, Aneek Thapar, Steve Beresford, Sharon Gal, and Hyelim Kim.

The album - available as a CD and digital download - was produced by Steve Beresford and Blanca Regina, and mixed and mastered by Dave Hunt. The titles of the tracks are derived from streets near the recording studio. The digital release includes three more tracks, one with Hyelim Kim, another with John Butcher, plus one recorded in a performance with Wade Matthews in Madrid in September 2018.

Blanca Regina is an artist, curator, and tutor based in London, and is currently involved in creating audiovisual performances...

released October 26, 2018

Blanca Regina
Leafcutter John
Jack Goldstein
John Butcher
Benedict Taylor
Matthias Kispert
Aneek Thapar
Steve Beresford
Sharon Gal
Hyelim Kim
Wade Matthews

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