• Image of Miga - Pendrive Release
  • Image of Miga - Pendrive Release

MIGA is a limited edition (only 50) pendrive and tiny flashlight: a digital album release by Blanca Regina and Leafcutter John for Unpredictable Series, October 2017.

This 8GB light pendrive has on it:

1. Audio of Blanca Regina and Leafcutter John playing MIGA live at Sonic Waterloo 2017
Recorded by St.Austral
Mastered by Leafcutter John
Duration : 29:37
2. Remix of MIGA by St. Austral
3. Video of the performance of MIGA
4. Artwork: 6 High Res Photos by Tomi Osuna
5. Photo of Leafcutter John
6. Photo of Blanca Regina
7. A limited edition postcard size riso print by Blanca Regina. Made a London Centre for Book Arts.

The duo of Leafcutter John & Blanca Regina presents a playful audiovisual performance where voices, objects, visuals and the instrument created by John - the light controlled musical interface - are the key elements. Since 2013 they’ve been performing numerous one-off shows based around free-improvisation at places like Music Hackspace, Barbican, Hackoustic and Sonic Waterloo Festival.