Alterations Limited Edition Boxset

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Alterations Limited Edition Boxset

Alterations Limited Edition Boxset
Every boxset contains 4 previously unreleased albums of Alterations plus a booklet and 5 postcards with works of Terry Day and photographs of Gérard Rouy. Every box is unique, designed and handmade by Blanca Regina.


Compilation 1979-1985 / Total CD 01:05:49
Live at Arts Theatre Club 1986 / Total CD 00:54:58
Live at Frankfurt 1983 / Total CD 00:59:50
Live at Iklectik, London 2015 / Total CD 01:04:15

Sound mastering by Dave Hunt.
Cd screenprinted covers printed by Blanca Regina


Prologue by Steve Beresford & Blanca Regina
‘Where Is the Straw People?’ David Toop
‘Into the mix’ by Terry Day
‘Atmospheres morph’ by Dave Hunt
‘Freedom to...’ by Greta Pistaceci
‘Sufficiently Subversive’ by Mike Cooper
32 pages. Redeem paper and foil blocking

POSTCARDS (5 in total)
Artworks by Terry Day and Gérard Rouy

This is a reissue made after Alterations Festival.
Every box is handmade by Blanca Regina and is different in its color and postcard combination.
Made at London Centre for Book Arts.